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Labwise Major Equipments

Aurora’s Technological & Research Institute, Bhongir

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Date: 21.09.2015

Engineering Workshop

S. No Description of  Equipment
1 Blower with motor(2.5HP)
2 Blower with motor(1Hp)
3 Wood  lathe
4 Leg vice
5 Furnace

Production Technology

S. No Description of Equipmen
1 Spot  welding
2 Oxygen gas welding cylinder
3 Acetylene gas welding cylinder
4 Trolley for cylinder
5 Injection Moulding machine
6 Hydraulic press
7 Electric drilling machine
8 Hand straight  Grinder
9 High carbon steel die for manufacturing Identity card
10 Universal strength machine (Hydraulic)
11 TIG welding
12 DC welding machine
13 plasma cutting machine


S. No Description of Equipment
1 Vernier calipers with fine adjustment(0-200mm)
2 Vernier calipers dial type(0-150)
3 Outside micrometer(0-25)
4 Outside micrometer(25-50)
5 Inside micrometer(5-30)
6 Bore gauge(18-35mm)
7 Bore gauge(35-60)
8 Gear tooth vernier calipers
9 Bevel protractor
10 Sine bar
11 Slip gauge set
12 Surface roughness tester portable
13 Spirit level set up
14 Granite surface plate
15 MS stand with leveling screws for surface plate
16 B.Block(steel) with clamp Hardened (Indian made)
17 Angle plate (CI)
18 Tool makers microscope with stand accessories


S. No Description of  Equipment
1 Xl turn CNC slant bed lathe
2 Xl mill cnc bench milling machine
3 Systems (Lenovo)

List of Available Softwares

S. No Description of  software >name of the lab
1 AutoCAD cad/cam
2 proe cad/cam

Heat Transfer Lab Equip

S. No Description of Equipment
1 Composite wall
2 Critical heat flux
3 Drop and film wise condensation
4 Emissivity measurement
5 Heat transfer through lagged  pipe
6 Heat transfer through forced convection
7 Heat transfer through Natural convection
8 Heat transfer Pin fin
9 Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus
10 Parallel and counter flow heat exchanger
11 Thermal conductivity of metal rod apparatus
12 Insulation powder
13 Two phase Heat transfer Apparatus
14 Heat pipe Demonstration


S. No Description of Equipment
2 Rockwell hardness test
3 Brinell hardness tester
4 Impact tester
5 Torsion testing machine
6 Spring testing machine
7 Deflection testing apparatus


S. No Description of Equipment
1 Impact of  jet on vanes with M.S tank
2 Pelton wheel turbine with M.S tank
3 Francis turbine with MS tank
4 Kaplan turbine with M.S tank
5 Venturi meter and orifice meter with M.S tank
6 Reciprocating pump with M.S tank
7 Centrifugal pump with M.S tank
8 Notch apparatus with M.S tank
9 Bernoullis theorem with M.S tank
10 multi stage centrifugal pump


S. No Description of  equipment
1 Lathe Machine - Gear Driven
2 Radial Drilling Machine
3 Shaping Machine
4 Horizontal Milling Machine
5 Surface Grinding Machine
6 Lathe Machine - Belt Driven
7 3 Jaw Chuck
8 Four Jaw Chuck
9 Follow Rest for Lathe
10 Face Plate
11 Study Rest
12 Slotting Machine
13 Tool & Cutter Machine
14 Planer machine

Thermal Lab

S. No Description of Equipment
1 Air Conditioning Test Rig
2 Vapour Compressor Refrigiration Test Rig
3 Cut Section Model, Single Cyinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine
4 Single Cyinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine test rig with rope brake dynamometer
5 Cut section model single cylinder 2-stroke petrol engine
6 Multi cylinder petrol engine test rig with hydraulic dynamo meter
7 Boiler Models
8 Single cylinder VCR petrol Engine Test Rig
9 Twin cylinder Diesel Engine with Hydraulic Dynamometer
10 Two Cylinder 2 Hp Air Compressor Test Rig


1 Bourdon tube for foot pump sensor (pressure gauge)
2 Capacitive trainer (displacement)
3 LVDT demo setup
4 Strain measurement trainer
5 Temperature trainer with RTD & Thermistor
6 Temperature trainer with thermo couple
7 Digital stroboscope set up
8 Flow level controller set up
9 Vibrometer and seismic pickup